About us


The Aiglon-Club is an association law 1901 recorded November 20, 1978 in the prefecture under number 9387.

After having been installed on a site in the valley of the Var and then near to Blausasc, the club is since 1986 on the municipality of Bezaudun

The site

Our site has a grassy runway of 150m of length for 15m of width, with a small shed that allows to store a few tables and chairs and to shelter from the sun’s heats in summer or in winter, from possible rainy moments
In summer it’s necessary to plan drinks and sunscreen. There is no water sources
The runway is oriented North-South. The prevailing winds are blowing from South-South West.
GPS coordinates: 43 ° 47'44.73N 7 ° 05'38.37E altitude 987 m

We are present on the site most of the Saturdays, some Sundays and sometimes in the week. It’s better to contact us to be sure to find somebody

The board

The board is formed of the following members:
President: Philippe BOURGUND

Secretary: Patrick LANTERI

Treasurer: BOURGUND Philippe

Some videos of the club